The 2nd Bergen Conference on the Treatment of Psychopathy brought together leading international experts and almost 300 attendees from all over the world to discuss current issues in the conceptualisation, assessment and treatment of this most challenging of clinical presentations. The meeting focused on psychopathy but placed this disorder and its understanding and management in the broader context of personality disorder. (more…)

Bergen City

«..Beautiful.., ..rich in traditions and history.., ..charming and lively..»

These are superlatives visitors to this city typically choose when asked to describe Bergen. With currently 225 000 inhabitants and a history dating back some 925...


Confirmed speakers include:

John Livesley (CAN), Stephen Hart (CAN), David Cooke (UK), Kate Davidson (UK), Chris Patrick (US), Mary McMurran (UK),...

Welcome to Bergen

…and a very warm welcome to the website of the 2nd Bergen Conference on the Treatment of Psychopathy. The 1st Bergen Conference was held in November 2004. This was a significant event in the development internationally of treatment interventions...

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